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Chamerstrasse 173
P.O. Box 7549
6302 Zug

Telephone number
041 558 61 66

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Wednesday to Friday
14.00-18.00 o'clock

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In general
The Galvanik cultural center is located in a former electroplating factory near the Chollermüli S-Bahn station (S-Bahn line 1) at Chamerstrasse 173 on the outskirts of Zug.

Arrival by train
From Zug, take the S-Bahn line 1 in the direction of Cham/Rotkreuz (only 2 stops). Get off at "Chollermüli", then go through the underpass to the side of the road. walk 50 m and you've reached your destination!

Admission rules

The age limits for parties are noted individually in the program.

The following normally applies:
Admission to parties and concerts is granted from the age of 16, otherwise they are specially marked on the homepage.
Under-16s may only enter if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Age checks are carried out at the entrance. Admission will not be granted without official identification. Official identification documents must be presented to the admission staff in the original (no photos). Only the following are accepted: passport, ID, foreigner's identity card and driving license. SBB General and Half-Fare travelcards do not count as official identification.

House rules

We have plenty of room for

We have no room for

Children and young people under the age of 16 are prohibited from consuming alcohol. Young people under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from consuming spirits and drinks containing spirits (mixed drinks). If the age is not clearly above the legal limits, an ID (ID only) must be shown to the Galvanik staff.

Tips for a safe electroplating experience - because dangerous knockout drops can always be in circulation:

  • As a general rule, do not accept drinks from unknown people and do not leave drinks unattended.
  • If your drink tastes strange or looks different than usual (e.g. very fizzy, different color), report it to the bar or pour it away rather than drink it!
  • If you feel unwell or dizzy, contact the Galvanik team or the security staff. We will help you!
  • If you suspect a third party: Do not leave the person alone and report the suspicion to the electroplating or security team.
  • No smoking: Our restaurant is completely smoke-free.
  • Earplugs: Earplugs can be obtained free of charge from the checkroom and cash desk.
  • Night's rest: We ask you to be considerate when leaving the Galvanik. We and the neighborhood are grateful.
  • Seating: In principle, most events are unseated. Visitors with physical disabilities should contact us so that we can organize a suitable seat.
  • Wheelchair users: Our premises are fully wheelchair accessible.

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